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Former PAF Reserve Officer Lt. Colonel and PAL Boeing 747 Captain Virgilio Ecarma, has turned to promoter of herbal supplements, thanks to the therapeutic properties of Narra, the Philippines’ national tree. Noted for its beauty and durability, the tree is traditionally used for decorative floorings, furniture, cabinets and paneling. Now, Ecarma Health Options has added food supplements to the Narra tree’s already gilded reputation.

An eventful mistake in 1991 led to the discovery of Narra’s immense therapeutic power by Capt. Ecarma. Exasperated with the temporary relief gained from the prescribed medicines by physicians to his rheumatoid arthritis, he searched for alternative cure when he stumbled into the medicinal properties of the Philippine Narra tree by pure accident. He boiled the cut Narra branches and bark scrapings for his arthritis. He drank a glassful of the Narra tea and in a few hours he felt the decrease in pain. After a few days, the pain was totally gone. He gave the same decoction to his brother-in-law who was suffering from diabetes with a persistent eczema on his foot. To their surprise – his brother-in-law’s blood sugar became normal and unrelenting itch was gone.

These twin experiences led him to finance the scientific validation of the Narra tree as a safe medicinal plant. Various researches were conducted by the UP College of Pharmacology and UP Bio-Organic Laboratory Institute. Tests on the Ecarma Narra concoction conducted by renowned scientists and medical practitioners such as Dr. Romeo Quijano, Dr Sonny Viloria, Dr Lare Almazan, Dr Joachim Nacu and Dr. Chuchi Quijano showed very positive results. Four (4) HIV/AIDS volunteer patients were treated with Ecarma Narra Tea capsules for 6 months resulted in drastic improvements of their T-cells. The same concoction were also given to fifty (50) patients at Tala Leprosarium in Caloocan City and also produced positive results.

Motivated by these test results, Captain Ecarma has applied for and was awarded three (3) Philippine patents for the pharmaceutical formulations for the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus, treatment of hypertension; and treatment of Arthritis & Bladder Stones. He was also awarded by the US Patent and Trademark Office for the treatment of Asthma and the South Africa Patent Office for the treatment of Infectious Diseases.

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