Zark’s Burger Steakation Raffle Promo

DINE & FLY! 🍔✈️. . Order any 3 Burger Steaks at ZARK'S & GET 1 FREE and a CHANCE to WIN a 4D 3N TRIP to HONG KONG for two (2).


1. Promo is open to all Zark's  burgers customers from July 16 - October 15, 2018.   
2. Customer must complete the THREE (3) stickers on the Zark's Burgersteakation    Frequency Card. 
3. FREE Burgersteak can be availed either upon completion of the Burger Steakation   Frequency Card (3rd  visit) or within 60 days  after the promotion period.   
4. Customer is entitled to receive (1) FREE Burgersteak of his/her choice upon completion of the Burger Steakation Frequency Card  
5. A customer may participate as many as he want, last stamping/sticker shall be given  NOT later than October 15,   2018.  
6. FREE Burgersteak may be  redeemed in all Zark's Burgers nationwide. 


1. A customer is entitled to receive a Burger  Steakation Frequency Card when they purchase ANY flavor of the Zark's Signature Burger Steak.  
2. On that same day of first  purchase, the customer is entitled to get the Frequency   Card plus a sticker upon (1st   visit upon availment of Zark's Signature Burgersteak)   
3. This promotion is only valid for dine-in and take-out transactions only and is not valid   inconjunction with any other ongoing promotion of Zark's Burgers   
4. For every visit and purchase of Zark's Signature Burgersteak the customer is entitled   to get ONE (1) sticker. ONE  Burgersteak is to ONE sticker.   
5. Free Zark's Signature Burgersteak may be redeemed until December 15, 2018.   
6. Customer may redeem the  FREE Zark's Signature Burgersteak within 60 days after the   promotion date but cannot join the raffle since the last day of submission of entry shall   be on October 15, 2018.  
7. Combination of two Zark's  Burgersteakation Frequency Card to redeem will not be honored.  
8. THREE (3) purchase of   Zark's Signature Burgersteak will entitle the customer to get   ONE (1) FREE Zark's Signature   Burgersteak and a chance to join the raffle "Burger Steakation"   for a chance to win a 4 Days   and 3 Nights trip to Hong Kong with Disneyland Tour for TWO (2)   with hotel accommodation,   airport transfer and pocket money 
9. After completing the THREE   (3) Zark's Signature Burgersteak purchase requirement and   redeemed the FREE Zark's   Signature Burgersteak purchase requirement and redeemed the   FREE Zark's Signature   Burgersteak, and customer would want to join the raffle they must   fill-in their complete details   at the back of the Frequency Card together with the NAME,   ADDRESS, CONTACT NUMBER and SIGNATURE.
10. Raffle stub must be dropped in the drop box found in the store.  
11. One drop box is allocated   per branch/store   
12. Remaining part of the frequency card shall be kept by the customer for future reference   in case they win.   
13. Promo period is from July   16 - October 15, 2018, last day of dropping of entries for the    raffle shall be on October 15,   2018 only until branch operating hours.   
14. Draw date shall be on   October 26, 2018 which will be helf in Zark's Burgers with store   address 2444-A Burgundy   Transpacific Place, Taft Avenue Manila City together with the   presence of a DTI   Representative.  
15. Winner will be notified by   Zark's burgers Marketing via Registered Mail.   
16. Winner shall get in touch   with Zark's Burgers Management with the stated details and    contact person in the   Registered Mail which was sent/delivered to the winner.   
17. Winner must present any   TWO (2) valid government issued ID's.  
18. Promo prize is   transferable but non interchangeable and not convertible to cash.   
19. Prize can be claimed   within 60 days from receipt of notification. Prize trip is valid for    redemption for 6 months upon   claiming.   
20. Unclaimed prizes shall be   forfeited and will be awarded to the next qualified   winner. 
21. Promo inclusion (one  winner = for two trip to Hong Kong)   
a. 4 day and 3 nights stay in   Hong Kong   
b. Air fare from Manila to   Hong Kong and from Hong Kong to Manila shall be c/o   Air Asia Philippines (Economy   Class Airfare)   
c. 3 nights standard room  accommodation with breakfast at Silka Far East Hotel.   
d. Roundtrip airport transfer   (8am-9pm only)   
e. FREE half day Hong Kong   Tour: visit Harbour Front Promenade, Jewelry Factory,    Souvenir Outlet, Aberdeen   Fishing Village pass by mid levels of Victoria Peak, Sampan   Ride is Optional.   
f. Services of English   Speaking driver and tour guide.   
g. Disneyland tour for two   
h. Total pocket money of Php.   10,000 
22. Taxes for prizes shall be   c/o Zark's Burgers.   
23. Other cost to be  shouldered by the winner:   
a. Terminal Fee   
b. Extra baggage   
c. Excess baggage   
d. Any additional items not  included in the prize of the promo


1.   Promotion is open to the general public       
2.   Promotion is open to all ages; Filipino Citizen     
3.   Employee's of Zark's Burgers and Air Asia Philippines are NOT qualified to   join.   
4.   Prizes are transferable but not interchangeable or convertible to cash.   

5.   Customers may join the raffle or may drop entries as many as they want  provided they    complete  the requirements of joining.