Propel RC Atom Micro Drone 1.0 ₱1,299.00 ONLY!!!

Incredibly nimble, awesomely quick. The 2.4Ghz Micro Drone is great for beginners to advance pilots and features a 6-Axis Gyro for extreme stability in all conditions. With 3 speed settings and advanced controls, you can perform 360 degree flips, spins, and stunts. Buzz by your friends, show off at the office, or chase your pet around the yard. Any way you choose, it's all fun! The Micro Drone From Propel: making life a little less mundane.

Product details of Propel RC Atom Micro Drone 1.0
- Functions include forward, reverse and left and right turns as well as push-button, 360° aerial stunts
- 2.4 GHz digital transmitter offers multi-speed controls and provides a flight range of up to 100'
- Built-in LEDs offer a cool look
- 3 speed setting for beginner to advanced quadrocopter pilots
- 6-axis gyro offers stability in most conditions
- Engineered in the USA