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First off, this is not a pitch to discourage you from joining a legal MLM company. I have nothing against people who are in the MLM business and thriving from it. I have friends who are successful distributors in their MLM company of choice but I just feel the need to express my disgust with this particular MLM company.

According to MLM Insider Online, "MLM Is growing and will continue to grow as a viable source of income for millions of people around the world. It is now a 167 BILLION DOLLAR Business. YES!!! In fact TWO MILLION!!! Yes TWO MILLION people are involved with promoting MLM right here in the Philippines. These distributors represent almost every imaginable type of product and service you can think of!!!" -- Good for you guys =)

Now, going back to this MLM company which my wife and I had a close encounter, I think that their head personnel is not aware of what is actually happening in this branch, or maybe they are. They just don't bother how these people from this branch reach their goals and targets. For as long as this branch is generating money, oh yeah, the show will go on.

What really happened you may ask. Here is the full story. My wife received an SMS last October 24, 2014. from a lady who introduced herself being Ms. Jenna of FR International. This lady then said that they saw my wife's profile/resume from one of the job hunting sites here in the Philippines and asked if my wife is interested for an office associate job in their company. So my wife said yes and they scheduled a meeting for her on October 25, 2014 at 2:00 PM.

Before we went there, I made some research of my own. I couldn't find valuable details regarding FR International except the fact that they have job vacancies which made me think that maybe they are a recruitment agency of some sort. So I went there with my wife since it's a Saturday and I have no work. Upon arriving at the address that they gave my wife, I saw a lot of applicants - oh wait, I thought they were applying for a job. What puzzled me was there were senior citizens there and it's really really seldom that recruitment agencies consider senior citizens to be outsourced for work. Nothing against the veterans ladies and gentlemen but you all know how age is a factor to land a job here in the Philippines.

Not minding the jam packed waiting area, my wife registered at the lobby and told the receptionist that she was scheduled for an interview that day. They acknowledge and told my wife to wait until her name is called. After a few minutes, an associate from their office started calling the applicants or victims I would say, which included my wife. To my wife's dismay, it was not a job interview. It was some sort of a meeting that flashes all the testimonial of the successful persons who have been a distributor of this company. Yes, you got it right. It's an MLM companay. FR stands for FRONT ROW and the company is FRONT ROW ENTERPRISE.

They hid their company name so we would not suspect that it's an MLM company and they are just making invites to possible victims to get them to buy their products and be one of their distributors and not a job interview or so. My wife and I had a good laugh about it after she left the room without excusing herself from the meeting. But deep inside I was furious and wanted to have a word with this Jenna but I just kept it to myself. We just went to SM City Sta. Rosa to do some window shopping and a merienda date.

We've kinda accepted the incident already when this Jenna sent my wife another SMS asking if one of their mentors had spoken to her. I replied using my wife's phone telling this Jenna that they are misleading people there. I saw people there carrying resumes/biodatas and the usual job employment requirements with the hope of landing a job, instead they were offered a distributorship. This is not a good practice to grow your down line you piece of sh**!!!. I also told them that I will file a complaint with DOLE and DTI for such modus, which I did.

To all of you in the MLM business, please, please, please! Be fair. If the person does not like to be in your business, then do not force him. Do not give him false hopes. No such thing as easy money and no such thing as a millionaire overnight. You guys just brag about the cars, the money, the success etc. But it does not work for everyone. That's all and I'm leaving you with a Princess Sarah Meme.

Here are the SMS that my wife received. One is from Fron Row and the other one is from Prolific.